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#Multiply Like Rabbits

I like to think that design is best when it's not-designed, as if the end product was a found object...

Artur Dabrowski, Creator


I’m Artur Dabrowski.

I’m a twenty something with a degree in architecture, born and live in Brooklyn, New York. I love making beautiful objects, at all scales of design.

I like to think that design is best when it's not-designed, as if the end product was a found object... unquestionable in it's presence and without anyone's claim of originality. In order to do this, it’s important that every detail bears some form of meaning to the whole, whether it's through its relationship to the body or in its purity to the initial artistic vision.

“Depth" moves me. I find it enriches the design and engages people. I play with depth in formal language (shadow lines, depth of field, composition) as well as in meaning (details, storytelling). Rather than be overt, I like to naively create a moment suggestive of a story.. of a story that can be interpreted differently than my initial intent. Although I am expanding the line with more architectural pieces, I use rabbits as characters in this open-ended story.

That's all good Artur, but why rabbits?

Everyone always asks "why rabbits?” I started drawing rabbits in the margins of my notebooks during high school. I would personify rabbits to express thoughts, situations or feelings I was having. I think the imagery of the rabbit being personified is playful — the rabbit is cute, hops around, eats, multiplies… and lives naively in this world. Personification takes that image and crosses them with this highly rational and complex being, incapable of preserving its naivety. Rabbits were the vessel through which I felt comfortable expressing myself. I have notebooks filled with drawings of rabbits, each telling their own story.







All product photography, hand drawings, branding and editing are by me, Artur Dabrowski. Model photography by Cesar Juarez and Artur Dabrowski. Modeling by Corinne Hall. "Multiply Like Rabbits" script logo by Jessica Tseng.

If you'd like to collaborate with any of us, please touch base at the links below. Thanks :)