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#Multiply Like Rabbits


To order a ring, you'll need to know the diameter of your finger. Our guide is still in the works, but please consult the links below:

There are no rules to wearing rings:

  • Both traditional rings, two-finger rings, and stacking rings can be worn on all fingers and digits.
  • Metals and styles can be mixed to your desire.



To order a cuff bracelet you'll need to know the circumference of your wrist. Our illustrated guide is still in the works, but please follow the directions below:

  • Locate the widest part of your wrist. This is usually found at the bones.
  • Wrap a tape measure, piece of paper, or string around the widest part of your wrist (but not too tight).
  • At the intersection measures the length of your wrist.

To put on the cuff bracelet, it's all in the wrist:

  • At the center of the wrist is a soft gap.
  • Once you've found this. Hold the cuff between your thumb and your index finger. Gently press the end of the cuff into the gap of the wrist.
  • The cuff can dangle over the arm or be worn tight. Because metal is soft, they can be slightly bent for ease of wear.



To order a tie bar, you'll need a tie! Ties come in three widths (skinny, modern, and traditional). Generally speaking, the width of the tie matches the width of your suit lapel. Once you have your tie:

  • Locate the tie bar between the third and fourth button (from the top) of your shirt.
  • The length of the tie bar should ideally fall between 50 to 75% of the width of the tie, and never exceed the full width.

There are many rules that go into proper suit wear, so listen closely to the following and the two above: 

    • It is important to note that you should either wear a tie bar or a vest, never both, as the function of the clip becomes redundant.
    • Make sure to clip both ends of a tie to the shirt.
    • Keep the bar horizontal, and never wear at an angle.
    • It is encouraged to match metals throughout the attire (belt buckles, rings, lapels, etc.).



    To order a necklace you'll need to know how low or high you'll like it to fall. This will depend on two things:

    • Where you will want the object to fall.
    • The type of necklace predetermines general locations. Choker necklaces want to be high. Pendants low. Necklaces above the chest.

    To wear a necklace:

    • Each chain features a lobster or toggle clasp that you can unhinge the chain loop.
    • Once unhinged, wrap the necklace around your neck and clasp the chains back together.