One rabbit overlooks the other as it leaps across a gap of a two finger ring band…

A two-finger ring made from high resolution 3d printed wax and lost wax casting, hand polished to a smooth finish. Features a 2.3 - 4.3 mm width band, 1.0 - 2.4 mm thick.

Ring Size (US/EU):
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Take the leap. Ambition is an amazing thing. It grants us the opportunity to free ourselves from sensibilities like risk and failure. While it can be somewhat blinding to what we have in the present, ambition allows us to focus on success and our future well-being. Is taking the leap an act of courage or is it an act of running away? And what of the other rabbit — what do we read in the outsider’s perspective?

The two finger ring is an adaptation of the original rabbit ring, playing on the hard geometric edge and the rounded interior. I wanted to see how the concept of the first ring translated across multiple fingers, to see how the form would react, and what new story would await the rabbits. The rabbits were meticulously crafted using digital sculpting and handmade sketches. The ring is made using parametric computer algorithms, which allows the design to adapt across all ring sizes with every detail staying meaningful.