Brick Arch Ring (Silver)

Brick Arch Ring (Silver)


Bricks lay one atop the other to form a circular arch, which has already started to weather away...

A ring made from high resolution 3d printed wax and lost wax casting, hand polished to a smooth finish. Features a 2 mm thick band, overall width 7.5 mm.

Ring Size (US/EU):
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An arch is more than it seems. Perched within a solid thick heavy wall, an arch defies the wall. Like the graceful parting of two curtains by gentle hands, an arch creates an opening. Arches take the weight of the wall and redistributes it around itself. The opening provides a moment of relief and an opportunity for passage. The arch is at peace — yet simultaneously at constant stress from the mass above.

The brick arch ring is designed parametrically using a computer algorithm, so as the ring sizes up, an additional row of bricks is added to the mass. The design adapts to all ring sizes without changing the width or thickness of the brick. Brick arches was an obsession of mine during architecture school. There is something very tactile and nostalgic to brick arches, that give it both timeless function and meaning. I was raised in a brick clad apartment building in Brooklyn, so I associated the brick wall as a shelter for my introverted childhood. The arch became a metaphoric portal through which I could turn the corner, open up, and express myself while still proud of my introverted self.