Falling Rabbit Tie Bar

Falling Rabbit Tie Bar


One rabbit dangles over the edge of a malleable tie bar...

A tie bar made from high resolution 3d printed wax and lost wax casting, hand polished to a smooth finish. Features a 1.0 mm thick bar, 6.0 mm tall, with a 14.5 mm tall rabbit.

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Let go… don't let go. Some moments bring these thoughts to actions. But it's all in the situation. Does holding on show strength or does it show stubbornness? Does letting go, mean defeat or finding peace? Whatever it may be, good luck out there. You may have the comfort knowing that the rabbit will not let go — and the rabbit will never fall.

The tie bar was inspired by a summer of weddings. In preparing to buy a suit I learned about suit construction and menswear rules. After being uninspired by many generic tie bars out there, I wanted to create my own menswear accessory. I started with a flat bar, and I wanted to see how a rabbit could affect the form. The idea of the rabbit falling was a recurring theme in my personal sketches. As the rabbit is holding onto the bar, the bar is bending to the weight of the bunny. I followed the malleable form to the back so it holds tight to the tie (holds on for dear life like the rabbit). The rabbit was meticulously crafted using digital sculpting and handmade sketches. The tie bar is made using parametric computer algorithms, which allows the design to be tailored for all ties.

  • There are many rules that go into proper suit wear, so listen closely. Locate the tie bar between the third and fourth button (from the top) of the shirt. The length of the tie bar should ideally fall between 50 to 75% of the width of the tie, and never exceed the full width. It is important to note that you should either wear a tie bar or a vest, never both, as the function of the clip becomes redundant. Make sure to clip both ends of a tie to the shirt. Keep the bar horizontal, and never wear at an angle. It is encouraged to match metals throughout the attire (belt buckles, rings, lapels, etc.).
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for your order. A digital model is printed in high resolution wax, cast using traditional lost wax technique, and carefully polished by hand. Thank you for your patience.
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