Chasing Rabbits Cuff

Chasing Rabbits Cuff


One rabbit chases another across a geometric band…

A cuff bracelet made from high resolution 3d printed wax and lost wax casting, hand polished to a smooth finish. Features a 3.3 - 5 mm width band, 1.5 mm thick, with a 1” opening.

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The rabbits are characters on a stage. One rabbit leaps through the air, as another appears around the corner. From here, the story is unfinished. Why do we chase what we do? What do we follow? Or are we running away from something? Is the chase a form of play — or a more serious endeavor?

The chasing rabbits cuff bracelet is an adaptation of the original rabbit ring, playing on the hard geometric edge and the rounded interior. The geometric edges create a stage for the rabbits, so both the rabbits and the geometry interact with one another to provide a moment of storytelling. Two rabbits chasing one another was a recurring theme in my personal sketches. The cuff is designed to wrap over the wrist, and is adjustable for comfort of wear. The rabbits were meticulously crafted using digital sculpting and handmade sketches. The cuff bracelet is made using parametric computer algorithms, which allows the design to adapt across all wrist sizes with every detail staying meaningful.