Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings


A curious rabbit stands proud … while a playful rabbit stretches out ... and a sleepy rabbit curls up on a ring band...

A ring made from high resolution 3d printed wax and lost wax casting, hand polished to a smooth finish.

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Personification is the method through which objects and animals are given emotions and characteristic of humans. But all animals have their own personalities. All have a range of emotions they express throughout the day. Is it in the rabbits we see ourselves, or are we just one in the same?

The stacking rings are my characteristic bunnies, that I've drawn over the years, styled one per ring. Each is its own expression, an emotion manifested in solid form. The rabbits were meticulously crafted using digital sculpting and handmade sketches. The ring is made using parametric computer algorithms, which allows the design to adapt across all ring sizes with every detail staying meaningful.