Each Other Ring

Each Other Ring


Over an edge, two rabbits hold each other...

A two-finger ring made from high resolution 3d printed wax and lost wax casting, hand polished to a smooth finish. Features a 5.0 mm width band, 2.6 mm minimum thick.

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Support is a wonderful concept, especially when mutual between two people. When you feel your grip is loosening, it is comforting to know that the other has you in their hands. And in the same manner, when their grip is loosening, you have them. The beauty of the ring is this: even if your hand lies flat on its palm, rests vertically, or slants at an angle… the rabbits are always holding each other, ever preventing one or the other from falling — true support. You are all secure no matter the obstacles you encounter. It is the greatest strength one could ever bestow.

The two-finger ring is a robust adaptation of the original rabbit ring, exaggerating the play between the hard geometric edge and the rounded interior. The design also features an architectural reveal, that catches shadow and adds depth to the form. The flat surfaces provide a stage for the rabbits, with the orientation of the stage determining which rabbit is in the act of “falling” or “catching”. The initial sketch of this design was drawn while on the train, is a repeated motif of a rabbit falling — but for the first time, caught by another.

The final design is a result of extensive prototyping. You can see the prototypes in the product images, above. The design is intended for the middle finger and index finger. It features a rounded edge so the ring finger glides smoothly along the form. The rabbits were meticulously crafted using digital sculpting and handmade sketches. The two finger band is made using parametric computer algorithms, which allows the design to adapt across all ring sizes with every detail staying meaningful.