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#Multiply Like Rabbits


How’d you make these?

This product was printed and hand processed through the Shapeways printing shop in New York City. A digital model, tailored to your size, was printed in wax using a high resolution 3D printer. To begin the lost wax casting, the 3D print was placed in a container where liquid plaster was poured around it. Once the plaster set, the wax was melted in a furnace, and the remaining plaster became a mold. Molten brass was poured into this mold and set to harden. After the plaster was broken away, the brass was carefully cleaned and hand polished to a fine sheen.

Each design is designed by myself (Hi, I’m Artur) through computer parametric scripting, digital sculpting, and lots and lots of hand sketches. Each design is prototyped through two iterations to ensure the design is perfect.

Here’s a video on the fabrication process.


Can you design something unique for me?

Absolutely, I would love to work with you to design something meaningful. Please contact me in the link below!

Can you modify a design for me?

Yes, I sure can. Everything starts as a digital file and therefore can be changed. Reach out to me regarding what you’re interested in, whether it involves changing an element of design, material, or something completely different altogether.

The website and images look beautiful! Who do the credits belong to?

Thank you! To see credits and collaborators, click here.


Is everything made to order?

Unless noted otherwise, each item is made to order and tailored to your size. This means each item will be delivered in 4 - 5 weeks. Every now and then I will host a sample sale featuring in-stock items, ready-to-ship, at a marked down price.

So when’s the next Sample Sale?

Not sure! But here are important things to know. Items in the Sample Sale ship within the next business day. These products may have been worn in photoshoots, placed in product shots, or been exchanged for other sizes. These items have minimal wear and have been polished back to their original finish. Stay tuned on the next Sample Sale!

I need help sizing…

Please refer to our in-house guide on sizing.


Tell me more about domestic shipping...

All products mail out in our custom branding and packaging via USPS. It should fit in a mailbox, but will depend on your local postal provider. Keep in mind, a tracking code will be provided when the item is ready to ship, and will take approximately 2 - 3 days to arrive to its destination.

But what if I want something right away?

In that case, email me to see if I have an item in-stock and what the lead time is. Please estimate 4 - 5 weeks to be safe, but items generally arrive sooner. If you hope to gift an item ASAP, let me know and I can mail you a placeholder card with my custom branding that you can gift in the meantime.

What if it’s a gift?

How nice of you! Just make sure to note it as a gift in the checkout form or email me right away. I will gift wrap and remove any payment information on the included invoice.

Woo! I just ordered the item, what now?

It should take 4 - 5 weeks to ship out to you. Please feel free to email me regarding updates on the schedule. 

Meanwhile, please check out my Instagram for photos and videos on the creative process (@multiplylikerabbits) Stay tuned and thanks again! 

OK, you’re gonna hate me, but can we talk about returns and exchanges?

Of course, I gladly accept returns, exchanges, and cancellations. 

Please contact me within (7) days of delivery, ship items back to me within (14) days of delivery, and request a cancellation within (24) hours of purchase. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs, unless deemed otherwise. Custom sizes are typically final sale unless there is an issue with the order. Always reach out to me with any concerns.

Can I change my ring size?

Please note that custom orders (including sizes that are unique) cannot be returned. Otherwise I accept exchanges on sizes. Keep in mind that unless I have the additional size in-stock, it will need to be made from scratch, and will take another 4 - 5 weeks for you to receive the product.


What’s the difference between Brass and Bronze?

In terms of color, Brass is yellow while Bronze is a pale red (similar to rose gold). In terms of contents, the Brass alloy is made of 80 % Copper, 15 % Zinc, and 5 % Tin. The Bronze alloy is made of 90 % Copper and 10 % Tin (the higher amount of Copper results in the reddish color).

What about solid Gold, Gold-plated, Platinum, Steel and other exciting metals?

Yes to all! Please email me directly at the link below. In terms of pricing, Gold-plated items generally cost similar to Sterling Silver. As for solid Gold, the pricing is based on ring size of a specific design (volume of gold used).

Click here to contact me pricing and lead times for other materials. Thanks!

How can I take care of my Brass or Bronze product?

Brass and Bronze naturally tarnishes over time to a nice antique-like finish. To restore the original smooth shine, use a polishing cloth. 

How can I take care of my Silver product?

Silver is a soft metal, so scrapes and scratches are to be expected as part of normal wear. To minimize damage and ensure your product lasts a lifetime, store your jewelry in a soft cloth by itself. Avoid exposure to household chemicals and prolonged direct sunlight. You can avoid tarnish by wearing your jewelry often as the oils in your skin will “clean” the silver and keep it looking shiny. You may use a silver polishing kit to restore its glossy surface.

Will the Copper in Brass and Bronze turn my fingers green?

It's possible. But don't worry! Due to a non-harmful chemical reaction between metal and sweat (or hand lotion), the product and your skin may turn green. That’s the result of the copper oxidizing. You can help prevent this by regularly cleaning your product with a polishing cloth or applying clear nail polish to any surface that may touch the skin.

What’s the content of the metals?

Brass products are made of 80 % Copper, 15 % Zinc, and 5 % Tin. Bronze is made of 90 % Copper, and 10 % Tin. All silver products are standard 925 Sterling Silver, and is made of 92.5 % Silver and 7.5 % Copper. For information on all other materials, please email me directly.